martie, 2019

19maralldaySessions of the Committees


 Chamber of Deputies – PLEN

PL-x no. 574/2018 Draft law on the management of potentially contaminated and contaminated sites

  • Favorable report with amendments

PL-x no. 438/2018 Draft Law amending and supplementing the Oil Law no. 238/2004

  • Subject to receiving the report

Committee for Industry and Services – 10:00

PL-x no. 506/2018 Draft Law on some measures necessary for the implementation of projects of national importance in the field of electric power

  • Establishment of rights of use and servitude on the lands of third parties, duration and manner of exercising them
  • For REPORT (jointly with The Environment Commission, the Agriculture Commission, the Legal Commission)

Pl-x no. 87/2019 Legislative proposal for the amendment of Article 57 (2) of the Electricity and Natural Gas Act no.123 / 2012

  • The provider must ensure monthly reading of the meter for household customers, provide them with several ways to pay for the energy they provide, and allow them to opt for any of these.
  • For REPORT
  • Invite: Ministry of Energy , ANRE

PL-x no. 419/2018 Draft Law approving Government Emergency Ordinance no.45 / 2018 amending and completing some normative acts with impact on the public procurement system

  • Regulations in case of application of the simplified procedure for requesting / responding to requests for clarification regarding the tender documentation during the period until submission of tenders in the procedure
  • For REPORT (shared with the Legal Commission)

PL-x no. 208/2018 Draft Law amending and completing the Law no.98 / 2016 on public procurement and for the completion of Law no. 99/2016 on the sector acquisitions

  • It aims at defining a threshold for direct acquisitions / waiving the lowest price criterion / eliminating the provision that by means of norms to establish the mandatory use of electronic catalogs

PL-x no. 295/2018 Draft Law for completing the Law no. 98/2016 on public procurement

  • Concerning participation guarantors
  • For REPORT

Information Technology Commission – 10:00

Plx 93/2019 Draft Law approving the Government Emergency Ordinance no.114 / 2018 regarding the establishment of measures in the field of public investments and fiscal-budgetary measures, amending and completing some normative acts and extending some deadlines

  • For COMMON REPORT with BUGET Committee and LABOR Committee
  • Deadline for submission of report 21/03/2019

Commission for Economic Policy, Reform and Privatization –  11:30

Plx 93/2019 (OUG 114) – for APPROVAL


All Day (Marti)


Chamber of Deputies

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