august, 2018

02augalldayStatements by Prime Minister


The most important information on this subject is that we have a positive revision, which indicates a good evolution of the economy. Following the first seven months, the estimate of revenues to the general consolidated budget for this year rose by nearly 6 billion lei compared to initial forecasting. If we draw a comparison with past year, we notice that at the first budget revision of this year, we have a much more larger amount, five times more than in 2017. As regards the evolution of the gross domestic product, as compared to initial estimate, after the first seven months this year, the specialists appreciate that GDP will rise this year up to 945 billion lei, by 37 billion more that we estimated at the outset. As regards the budget deficit, we maintain the 2.97 percent target of GDP, therefore, below 3 percent threshold undertaken to EU.

First of all, to dispel all rumors artificially fueled regarding money for pensions and wages, I want to tell you that following revision, the amounts necessary to pay the pensions and wages are fully ensured by the end of the year. I therefore request the pensioners to take into account the official data presented by Government and the competent institutions and I assure them that the pensions we have just increased, have full coverage in the budget. Other principle was to ensure all the amounts necessary for investment projects we committed to carry through this year. Also, we provided the budget and commitment appropriations necessary to back the business environment, especially through aid schemes and state guarantees. There were also cuts in the budgets of some institutions, we have reduced however only where there is a low use of the money allocated. If they were unable to spend the money at their disposal, we considered it better to take this surplus and allocate it as a priority to healthcare, education and investment.
We also allocated the necessary amounts to carry out the project unfolded in cooperation with the World Bank to purchase equipment for the emergency units, magnetic resonance imaging devices and CT scanners, as well as screening equipment for early detection of cancer. We also allocated additional amounts for public health programs and for projects with non-reimbursable external funding.

At the same time, we start a program for the upgrade of household appliances to encourage the purchase of energy-efficient appliances. We have secured the financial resources for all state aid schemes adopted by the Government for the population and the business environment. 


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