august, 2018

24augalldayThe government has approved projects in the digital, transport and energy fields to be promoted at The 3-Seas Summit


The government has approved projects in the digital, transport and energy fields to be promoted at The 3 Seas-Summit

„First of all, it is about creating an intelligent digital platform for real-time monitoring of waters in river basins in the region of the 3 Seas Initiative, which will provide the opportunity to monitor pollution factors as well as to carry out risk analyzes A second project aims to create an intelligent digital platform for the trading of transport and logistics services and Romania’s third proposal concerns the definition and development of a road map for a digitized and sustainable energy sector and the creation of a digital storage platform energy, „said Nelu Barbu.

Source: Agerpres

Badin: Black Sea gas resources should be an important resource to help Romania

„The royalty area is quite a burning subject and we have contradictory statements, including from important members of the ruling party.” One says in a way, one says otherwise, „Now what will happen we do not know.” investment in the Black Sea, we do not have this technology, yes, with deep drilling. There are about 4 companies globally who have it. If we want to convince them to come here, it probably has to be a bargaining. the gold bag buried in the yard and doing nothing with it is one, you want to dig it and use it and put it into circulation, it’s something else. It’s a political decision. natural gas from the Black Sea should be an important resource that would help Romania economically, reach that understanding to unblock these things and start investing in the area of exploitation, „said Dan Bădin- fiscal and legal services coordinating partner at Deloitte Romania.

Source: Agerpres

President Iohannis calls on defence council to convene on September 4

President Klaus Iohannis has decided to call on the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) to convene in session on September 4 to look into proposals to revise the 2018 budgets of the national security organisations. „The Secretariat of the Supreme Council for National Defence has started the procedures for the issuance of a council decision on the revision of the allocations from the national budget to the national security organisations in 2018, with the individual agreement of the members of the council, and notified the Ministry of Public Finance on August 21 to that end.

Source: Agerpres, Hotnews

Constanta: Ponta states that „a group of political and economic criminals” has drafted the Offshore Law in its own interest

Victor Ponta on thursday ruled that the way the ruling coalition voted offshore law to exploit Romania’s natural resources on the continental shelf of the Black Sea denotes satisfying the interests of a group to the detriment of the Romanian state’s needs.

Source: Agerpres, Hotnews,


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