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24octalldayThe Offshore Law was voted by PSD, ALDE and minorities; PNL, USR and PMP did not vote


The Offshore Law was voted by PSD, ALDE and minorities; PNL, USR and PMP did not vote

The Chamber of Deputies’ plenary adopted on Wednesday the offshore bill with 170 votes for, 3 votes against and abstention (PSD, ALDE, MINORITIES). No PNL, USR and PMP MPs participated in the vote. PSD agreed with PNL that royalties and tax regime remain the same throughout the operation of perimeters. It seems that PSD deputies have accepted the PNL amendment to the offshore law draft, according to which the holders of the oil agreements under execution are subject to the specific tax regime for the exploration, development, exploitation and abandonment activities based on the existing agreements at the date of entry into force of the normative act. The amendment was proposed by PNL deputy Virgil Popescu, he said that it ensures stability and predictability. „It is a principle that PNL holds very long and is not negotiable – it is the principle of stability and predictability. We can not claim to have investment to be a credible country unless we have predictability and stability. ”

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The offshore law goes to the plenum of the Chamber with increased over-taxation and without a fiscal stability clause on Wednesday. First official estimates: how would the money be divided between oil and state.

The Committee of Industry, Budget and Administration of the Chamber of Deputies today approved by vote the report on the draft Offshore Law by maintaining the amendments voted at their previous meeting on October 2 with regard to the tax regime for the exploitation of the natural gas deposits in the Sea Black, which, due to dissatisfaction with oil companies, provide for a significant increase in over-taxation, the abolition of tax freezing over oil agreements and reduced investment deductibility. However, unlike the plenary debate of October 3rd, when ALDE, PSD ruling colleagues, and the UDMR voted against, forcing the return of the draft law to committees, now the two parties voted in the report’s favor, although the substantive tax provisions of the bill remained unchanged.

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Chiriţoiu: The Competition Council examines the possibility of capping the price of fuel

The Competition Council analyzes, together with the Ministry of Finance, the possibility of capping the price of fuel in the context of the Government’s intention to eliminate overacculation, Bogdan Chiriţoiu, president of the Competition Council, told AGERPRES. „It is a recent idea and we will consult with the Ministry of Finance on this issue. It seems to me absolutely legitimate the Government’s intention to ensure that the tax cut is also reflected in the pump,” Chiriţoiu said.

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Liberalization of the natural gas market – a reality or simply a desideratum?

The process of liberalization of the natural gas market in Romania, started in 2001, in the context of preparations for EU accession, has been completed. At least on paper, say Georgeta Gavriloiu, Associate Senior, and Alina Stoica, Associate, at PeliFilip Law Firm.

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