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18feballdayC.P. Tariceanu: No decision has been taken on common ALDE-PSD lists in the European Parliament


C.P. Tariceanu: No decision has been taken on common ALDE-PSD lists in the European Parliament

ALDE President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said that no decision has been taken on ALDE-PSD joint lists in the European Parliament elections in May, arguing that there are both pros and cons.

Source: Agerpres;

Iohannis: Budget proposed by PSD-ALDE shows coalition’s total contempt for Romanians’ expectations

President Klaus Iohannis declares that the budget proposed by PSD-ALDE, adopted Friday by the Parliament, shows the „total disgrace” of the majority coalition against the expectations of the Romanians, „who want a responsible and credible government.” Presidential Administration: „At the level of the Executive, however, things are completely different from what citizens want, and this budget is the most eloquent example of a government that delays the future of the Romanians.

Source: Agerpres

Permanent Electoral Authority Chairman Daniel Barbu resigns / Barbu: I intend to run for the European Parliament on the ALDE lists

Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) Chairman Daniel Barbu resigned from office and plans to run ALDE lists in the European Parliament. Barbu also said he wants a better place on the list, but the party will decide if he will eventually become a candidate. So far Renate Weber has been announced, 1st place on the list and Norica Nicolai, 3rd, both of whom already have a mandate for MEPs

Source: G4media

GEO114 argue contines

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici says there should be an analysis of the competence and honesty of the people representing the state in the Boards of Directors of the companies subordinated to the Ministry of Energy, a ministry whose portfolio is owned by the coalition partner of the PSD, the ALDE party whose president , Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, also chairman of the Senate and potential candidate for the presidential elections, recently said that the 2% tax on the annual turnover of the companies in the sector, introduced by GEO no. 11/2018, could be eliminated.

Source: Profit

Tansgaz’s net profit has reduces

Transgaz Mediaş (TGN) realized operating revenues before the balancing activity of 1.64 billion lei, down 6.28% compared to 1.75 billion lei. The company was affected by the reduction of the regulated tariffs and the operating profit decreased by 12.35%, to 582.59 million lei, from 664.72 million lei.

Source: Economica


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