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15iunallday”BRUA already took the start"


”BRUA already took the start”

BRUA already took the start. Romania already started the works at the pipeline and at the compressor stations within the project. These will guarantee for us and for the other European states the access to at least three sources of energy. Moreover, all the states in the region will be interconnected with the Western Europe. The project is strategic for Romania, for the Ministry of Economy and for Transgaz. BRUA is an example of success. It shows us that we can make important changes.  – Dănuț Andrușcă, Ministry of Economy 


President’s suspension is unconstitutional

The president of Romania is on the verge of being dismissed due to the procedure which, according to the PNL leader Ludovic Orban, will be soon initiated by Liviu Dragnea, supported by Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, ALDE leader.

Klaus Iohannis’s suspension is part of the dismissal procedure and according to the Romanian Constitution, the initiation of this procedure is finalized by referendum. Within the current context, the leaders of the opposition, which consists of USR and PMP parties, are preparing a common strategy in order to prevent such an action, classifying it as abusive.

”I think that no Constitutional Court in the world, as politicized as it would be, could never accept to dissolve the president position because, if it would accept it, a parliamentary majority could suspend the president at any moment, without reaching a referendum, this would mean to dissolve the president position” states Ludovic Orban. 

Source: Agerpres  


Chamber of Deputies approves the amendments brought to law on electrical energy and natural gas

The new draft law adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, which brings amendments to law 123/2012, extends the area of offences for which the authorities can apply the toughest finest, comprised between 5% and 10% of their turnover. Manufacturers and providers risk to pay the same fines, comprised between 5% and 10% of their turnover if they fail to sell or buy, respectively, on the stock market, the gas in the amounts determined by the legislator.

Starting with next year, the gas manufacturers are bound to sell on centralized platforms at least half of the contracted production and the providers must buy at least 40% of the amount sold to clients. The percentages may grow every year if ANRE decides it. 

Source: Economica 


Sovereign Wealth Fund attacked by PNL and USR at the Constitutional Court

PNL deputies notified, on Friday, the Constitutional Court on the topic of the law regarding the establishment of the Sovereign Wealth Fund. A similar endeavour was also taken by the USR parliamentarians who consider that the SWF cannot resist and it will fall in a matter of years, affecting the state budget.

The main reason invoked is that the Sovereign Fund means Romania’s bankruptcy, because its purpose is political, not economical. 

Source: Digi24 


Romania, important player on the European natural gas market

Romania could become the third big natural gas manufacturer in Europe, once the resources from the Black Sea are extracted, stated on Thursday Francois-Regis Mouton, manager within the International Oil and Gas Manufacturers’ Association, who attended the annual conference of Gas Infrastructure Europe, held in Bucharest.

He also underlined that Romania’s resources will contribute to the diversification of the gas supply in the Southeastern Europe, but at the same time he drew the attention on the need for interconnections, market liberalization and stability of the legal framework. 

Source: Energynomics 


Competition – lowest price response for the gas market

In Klaus-Dieter Borchardt’s opinion, manager of the domestic energy market within the European Commission, the gas price in Romania will drop if the gas exports will be possible and the market will be liberalized so as to encourage competition on the market.

He also appreciates that BRUA project is a central resistance element, not only for the development of the Romanian infrastructure, but for the entire region and for Europe, because this was the missing link between the Western Europe, the Central and  Southeastern part and, with this pipeline, we will close the circle.

Likewise, with the exploitation of the Black Sea resources forecasted for the following years, we will be able to transport the gas towards the Western European markets. 

Source: Agerpres 


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