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05sepalldayDăncilă: The solution chosen by the Government is to go further with the adoption of the budget rectification


Dăncilă: The solution chosen by the Government is to go further with the adoption of the budget rectification

„The Government of Romania will not accept that the rights of Romanians to pensions, wages and health are threatened by political struggle. We have tried lately to make Mr. Iohannis understand that the budget rectification should be approved in order not to affect the good work I would have liked this important project for the Romanians to be the object, the result of a consensus between two important institutions of the state – the Presidency and the Government. Any complex situation, however, has at least one solution and the solution chosen by The Government is to go further with the adoption of the budget rectification. We have fulfilled our obligation to ask CSAT for a point of view, we fulfill the responsibility to ensure continuity in financing, „Dăncilă said at the beginning of the Government meeting.

Source: Agerpres

President Iohannis invites Dăncilă to consultations on Thursday

„The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Romania, Mrs. Vasilica-Viorica Dăncilă, on 5 September, inviting her for consultations at the Cotroceni Palace on September 6, 11.30, under the provisions of Articles 80 and 86 of the Constitution, having regard to the Government’s views on the need to rectify the state budget for 2018, „the Presidential Administration points out.

Source: Agerpres

Venice Commission delegation to visit Romania to prepare opinion on the criminal codes’ amendments

A delegation of the Venice Commission is paying a visit to Romania on September 13-14, to prepare an opinion on the amendments recently operated by the Romanian MPs on the Criminal Code and on the Criminal Procedure Code. The Venice Commission’s opinion in this regard has been required by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) by a decision taken on June 28. The conclusions of the Venice Commission’s evaluation are to be released on October 19.

Source: Romania Journal

Conpet started the recruitment and selection procedure of the general manager

The Board of Directors of the National Petroleum Conveyor Conpet Ploieşti approved the opening of the recruitment and selection procedure of the General Manager and the Financial Director for the implementation of the provisions of GEO no. 109/2011, „this being done without an independent expert and exclusively by the Nomination and Remuneration Committee”.

Source: Profit,

Transaction: The MET group, led by a close friend of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has completed the takeover of RWE’s energy and gas supplier and is on the podium of the Romanian electricity market

MET Group, a company registered in Switzerland and present on the Romanian energy market through MET Romania Energy SA, has completed the transaction by taking over the subsidiary of the German group RWE. MET has recently signed an agreement with Innogy in the German group RWE for the acquisition of its Romanian subsidiary, RWE Energie Romania (RWEE), thus reaching the top three electricity suppliers on the Romanian competitive market.

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