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10augalldayDragnea: For Iohannis, normality is to give this government down, to break the parliamentary majority by violence


Dragnea: For Iohannis, normality is to give this government down, to break the parliamentary majority by violence

„Normality for Iohannis is the abnormality for all people in good faith.” It is normal for Iohannis to give this government down, to break this parliamentary majority through violence, and I am absolutely convinced that in the Cotroceni laboratories where all these protests are conceived, all the protests, and all the actions, ranging from the high-profile criminal complaint to including the files made to the political leaders, that command center, that laboratory that gives the order to the parallel state is certainly preparing something very serious.

Source: Agerpres, Mediafax

The construction of the gas pipeline Iasi-Chisinau begins

The construction of the Iasi-Chisinau gas pipeline on the Ungheni-Chisinau section will start this month, Andrian Candu, president of the Moldovan Parliament, said on Wednesday, according to the Publika TV website. The moldovan official added that at the same time another energy infrastructure project is ready for implementation.

Source: Ziarul Financiar

Electricity resources decreased by 0.5% in the first 7 months, consumption increased by 2.4%

Between January and July 2018, primary energy resources increased by 4.5% and electricity prices decreased by 0.5% over the same period of the previous year. Consumption of electricity increased by 2.4%, according to data released on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics – INS.

Source: Ziarul Financiar

The yield of the Romgaz dividend for 2018 could be 3 times lower than that of 2017.

The potential yield of the Romgaz dividend could be as high as 4.8% in the distribution of profit of 50% and 8.6% in the case of a distribution of 90% (as was the case for the profit realized in 2017, is based on an analysis of Tradeville based on the company’s revised budget for 2018. This is far below the yield of 13.56% in 2017 and 12.36% in 2016.

Source: Profit


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