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04iulalldayK.Iohannis’s statemen regarding Criminal Code Modifications


K.Iohannis’s statemen regarding Criminal Code Modifications

 „On the amended Criminal Code, I will have a longer presentation when I challenge this piece of legislation with CCR. It is also well known that the Code of Criminal Procedure, which I referred to a few days ago, is being currently looked into to be challenged. The amendments that have been made are either futile or even toxic and harmful, and I intend to use all the constitutional instruments to challenge these two pieces of legislation – the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. It is simply unacceptable how PSD [the Social Democratic Party, major at rule] has transformed parliamentary procedures and how it is acting today in Parliament. What is happening these days is called the dictatorship of the majority and is profoundly damaging to democracy. There is a multitude of politicians in Romania claiming that we need to pay more attention to Parliament, but for that to happen, first, Parliament has to pay attention to itself. PSD passed the Criminal Code in Parliament in record time, with a simulacrum of a debate in the Chamber of Deputies, and that is profoundly damaging. PSD managed in a short time to destroy the dignity of lawmaking, to transform the debates in Parliament into a debate lacking transparency and leading to a predictable result. The arguments of the opposition are being trampled under. „

Source. Agerpres


PSD amends the law on presidential elections: election campaign and election day

Defamation and use of the opponent’s image are to be forbidden The Senate adopted on Tuesday a controversial legislative initiative, proposed by the leader of the PSD parliamentary group, Şerban Nicolae, which amends the election law of the President of Romania.

Source: Hotnews


No consensus for offshore law

Deputies have failed to decide the final form of the law  so the debates will continue next week. The following debate will reunite three Committees from the Deputies Chamber (Budget, Industries, Administration). The issues still revolves around articles no.18 and 19 regarding fiscal stipulations.

Source: Hotnews


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