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PRESS RELEASE – FPPG salutes 110 years of energy and welcomes Romgaz

On the occasion of celebrating 110 years history of natural gas production in Romania, FPPG welcomes Romgaz among its members.

At the present day, Romgaz is the largest producer and the main supplier of natural gas in our country, having as main shareholder the Romanian state with a 70% stake. Thereby, FPPG legitimately represents over 90% of the natural gas production sector in Romania in relation with all stakeholders.

“For our team it is a pleasure to announce the consolidation of the federation through the presence of a company of great importance such as Romgaz. Along with 110 years anniversary, Romgaz company adhere to Oil and Gas Employers Federation and teams up here with friends, industry colleagues and trusted partners in order to develop projects of common interest. We are now together here in Medias to properly celebrate 110 history of natural gas production and we will hold together with the aim of representing the natural gas production and supply industry – a strategic component of the Romanian energy system.“ , declared Franck Neel President of FPPG.


“In our view, joining FPPG is a first step in a long-term relationship between Romgaz and all companies in the sector that we consider being trusted partners, not competitors.
that ROMGAZ regards as trusted partners and not competitors. Our common goal is to create a stable and predictable business climate that will contribute to Romania’s energy security for the next 100 years.
Romgaz has the potential and the ambition to consolidate and develop its position as the most important natural gas company in Romania and also to become a leading player on the major markets of Central and Eastern Europe. This is how we will withstand the increasing pressure exerted at regional and international level.”
, stated Adrian Volintiru, General Manager Romgaz.

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