Unlocking the Black Sea projects – Romania’s Opportunity

The natural gas in the Black Sea represents Romania’s opportunity, bringing numerous benefits to our country, if investments are deployed.

Thus, a competitive fiscal and regulatory framework will unblock the large-scale investments necessary for the development of natural gas projects in the Black Sea, having a significant positive economic impact, but also bringing other benefits of a social and geostrategic nature.

By watching the video herewith, you will find out details about these important benefits for Romania, you will understand the legislative and fiscal aspects that block the investments needed to carry out the projects in the Black Sea and, most importantly, what are the solutions for the investments to be made.

In brief, at principle level, investors need for three essential elements to be ensured:

  • Legislative and fiscal stability;
  • A free natural gas market, without administrative interventions;
  • A competitive and balanced tax system.
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