2020 – Summary of activity

  • 4 STANDING COMMISSIONS conducting separate works related to the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Gas and Downstream Oil sectors.
  • 24 TOPICS for which we have constantly and strategically advocated.
  • 21 HIGH LEVEL MEETINGS among which 6 meetings with political parties representatives prior to general elections and 6 public debates
  • 215 LETTERS sent to more than 16 different stakeholders, public authorities and institutions
  • 10 EXISTING TASK FORCES which are running in an independent manner, and another 8 to be created, as per the action plans aligned last year
  • 1 TECHNICAL COMMITTEE established under the Upstream Standing Commission, meant to become a trusted body generating expertise in support of law-making
  • 2 INDEPENDENT STUDIES conducted by reputed research companies, in support of our advocacy efforts
  • 21 POSITION PAPERS developed by our members’ designated experts, on priority topics

3 important OBJECTIVES were considered:

  • Consolidating our relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Becoming a leader at industry level
  • Developing and promoting advocacy and social responsibility programs

The established objectives were based on 5 STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS:

  • Institutional dialogue
  • Decarbonation
  • Digitalization
  • Work force
  • Fostering partnership

2020 represented A YEAR OF CONSOLIDATION, which materialized through:

  1. Long term strategy

We established our strategic directions for the upcoming years with one aim: Being the voice of the Romanian oil and gas industry

  1. Crisis management

With the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions, we provided a platform for our members to respond to in an aligned manner

  1. New members

We welcomed two new members to our organization, active and important companies in the upstream sector

  1. Focused approach

Between October and December, all 4 Standing Commissions were operationalized, providing for a focused, sectorial approach

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