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Workshop UPG – FPPG march 15, 2018

A state’s economic performance is supported by the energy industry while the development of the business environment is essential. In shaping the economic profile of the state we take into consideration the companies’ innovation capacity, the competitive environment, the ethical behavior of the economic agents, the ability to assimilate new technologies. Of course,  an equal importance is attributed to the competence of the employees, together with the ability to attract them and keep them in the workplace. 

In order to establish the best practices and to help prepare future employees in the energy sector, FPPG initiated a partnership with the Oild and Gas University of Ploiesti. The institutional collaboration started on 15 March 2018 by organizing a workshop titled  “Correlating the skills acquired by graduates of U.P.G. with the needs and the demands of the employers”.

The meeting took place at the University’s headquarters  where representatives of academia and trading companies operating in the oil and gas industry presented the main challenges faced by the graduates of the faculty during and after the completion of the study programs. 

The moderator was the vice chancellor of U.P.G. Prof. Mihail Minescu, PhD, who pointed out the conclusions that reveal the need to increase the digital competencies among students, as well as the introduction of new efficient simulators for the higher applicability of the theoretical aspects taught in the courses. 

The workshop was attended by more than 20 companies, the representatives of whom openly showed their interest and willingness to contribute to the main purpose of the project – the adaptation of the school curriculum for the engineering specializations of U.P.G. with current market demands. 


Vice chancellor of U.P.G Prof. Mihail Minescu, PhD 

We are witnessing the fourth Industrial Revolution, where digital skills must be more and more advanced, where the training of an engineer is more difficult than ever before. We propose that we stay in touch and channel on domains of competence, on one hand for commercial companies that have, for example, a field of processing or electronic automation and on the other hand for chemical and petrochemical processes and also to deepen the subject so that we can find the necessary formulas to improve the curriculum and the result to be the improvevement of our graduates.  

The Oil and Gas University has made a partnership with FPPG, to whom are affiliated a lot of trading companies working with oil and gas, and together we intend to do more. It is not the only action that we take together, other will follow owing to the ideas we share with you. 


Magda Ioniță – Petrobrazi Refinery 

It is not enough for students to only know the refining technologies because refinery means refining techonlogy, energetic parts, automation and control, the logistics storage part, so they also must have an integrated picture of these basic things. 


Victor Gurgu – Transgaz 

I would also like to focus on areas that have deficiencies, such as measurement systems or fluid measuring in transportation pipelines  theres is a lack of employees in this area and we do not even know where to get our professionals. 


Sergiu Brașoveanu – Sand Hill Petroleum 

We are looking for new collaborations, we want to invest in different areas and we would also like to engage students in internships. 


Cazan Gheorghe – Hofang Engineering 

We have to motivate our young people, which means finding tools which attract them to our job. We have to come up with short-term projects. 

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