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Current Energy Premises – The Report of the World Energy Council 2017

According to the World Energy Council, the notion of sustainable energy translates into three main elements: energy security, energy equity and sustainable environment. The harmonization of these three elements (Energy Trilemma) represents the basis for the prosperity and competitiveness of each country. 

The report presented by the World Energy Council aims to move forward with the dialogue on the following issues: 

  • Providinginsights into all evolving electricity sectors to identify areas of convergence, divergence, and also contribute withpractical lessons for policy makers. 
  • Understanding of the energy sector at both global and regional levels at different stages of development in terms of infrastructure.
  • Analysis of problems from the perspective of energy performance management at national level taking into account the three premises for sustainable development of the energy sector.

At present, the energy industry is in a great transformation process, and new trends are appealing to decarbonisation, digitization and decentralization of the sector. 

The index is the way to quantify the three energy premises (Energy Trilemma), and each country received a certain score. Thus, thanks to the report, we learn how not less than 125 countries present themselves regarding the ability to provide a safe, accessible and sustainable energy system, with the mentioning that Romania ranks number 25 in this ranking. 

RankBest Energy SecurityBest Sustainable EnvironmentBest Energy Equity
7.RomaniaCosta RicaCzech Republic
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