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Gas of Romania Campaign

  • Romania currently generates about 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, either from natural gas fields or from associated deposits (natural gas and crude oil). 
  • At this level, Eurostat data show that Romania is the third largest producer of natural gas in the European Union, producing almost 9% of all natural gas in the EU. In this ranking, Romania is overtaken only by the UK (with 33% of EU gas production) and the Netherlands (with 50% of EU gas production). 
  • The same Eurostat data shows that Romania’s exploration and production sector directly employs about 24,000 people, the largest number in the European Union and almost one third of all EU employees from this sector. These jobs in oil and gas production are often highly qualified. 
  • Domestic gas production strongly contributes to Romania’s energy security. In 2015, Romania had the third lowest energy dependence in the European Union, according to European Commission data. 
  • Investments in natural gas production have a strong impact on Romania’s economy  through its sustained jobs, through the contributions to the state budget and by creating business opportunities for other industries and services. 
  • Because of the significant reserves it still has (the largest in Central and Eastern Europe and the third place in the European Union),  Romania bears an important potential in maintaining and developing the natural gas production. 

Find out more about how we can benefit from the gas in Romania join the Romanian Gas community. 

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